• Clean Eating Bircher Muesli Mix

    One of my go-to breakfast ideas for when I’m clean eating is a ‘bircher muesli’. Normally bircher muesli is made up of muesli, soaked in orange juice overnight, then mixed with some fruit, coulis and yogurt. To make this recipe a bit cleaner I use the below recipe

    Amelia’s Clean Eating Bircher Mix

    I make a bit bowl of the below mix:

    • Quick Cooking Oats
    • 250g sultanas
    • 250g dried cranberries
    • 100g mixed seeds (pumpkin and sunflower)

    For breakfast I place 2/3 cup of the above mix into a bowl and add enough water to coat. Cover the bowl and place into the fridge. You can either do this first thing in the morning, or the night before.

    When you are ready to eat, add 2 tablespoons of low-fat natural Greek yogurt to the box and mix together. You can also add a grated apple, or 1/4 cup berries if you want.

    The taste may not be as sweet as normal bircher muesli – we are supposed to be removing sugar from the diet when eating clean after all – but the sultanas and cranberries add enough natural sweetness and you eventually adapt to it.

  • Bacon Seasoning?

    It’s amazing what I see in my Facebook New Feed every now and then.

    I was just having a look through everyone’s news and a promotion was placed in the middle of all of it for a bacon seasoning. I did an immediate double take.

    Made by a fellow Melbournian, there are four types of seasonings (original, smoky BBQ, cheesy and spicy) and the seasoning is promoted as low salt, low calories and low in fat and 100% meat free (not that I’m vegetarian).

    I just ordered myself a box of the four flavors. Can’t wait to try them!