How I earn extra Qantas frequent flyer points at Woolworths

One of the main ways I earn Qantas frequent flyer points is through the everyday grocery shopping I do at Woolworths.

Now I’m not just talking about using my Woolworths Rewards card to convert Woolworths points into frequent flyer points. I absolutely take advantage of that, including all the special point offers Woolworths email me each week. No, I’m talking about earning extra points on top of what the Woolworths Rewards scheme already offers.

What is Woolworths Rewards?

If you aren’t familiar with Woolworths Rewards, it’s a scheme where you scan a Woolworths Rewards card each time you do your grocery shopping (either in-store or online), and you get 1 Woolworths point per dollar spent.

Woolworths have partnered with Qantas so if you link your Qantas Frequent Flyer number to your Woolworths Rewards account, each time you accumulate 2000 Woolworths points it gets converted into 870 Qantas Frequent Flyer points.

Now that sounds a bit lame – because logically you would need to spend $2000 dollars to get 2000 Woolworths points. So Woolworths make this easier by emailing you bonus point offers to accumulate rewards points quicker. The offers are based on your specific spending habits and the type of things you buy.

Some of the special offers are actually pretty good and most of the time you can combine the offers to ‘double dip’. For example I currently have one offer where I earn more Woolworths points each time I shop, AND I have a second offer where I earn bonus Woolworths points for specific items I purchase during the week. You will get the points from both offers provided the T&C’s of both offers don’t state that they can’t be combined (I have seen this stated in one of their offers before, so double check!).

If you activate and use the offers they send you, it can actually work out to a decent haul of points every quarter. I have been able to earn enough points in one quarter that I could get a free return flight to Adelaide and back if I wanted.

But I said at the start of this post that I earn bonus points on top of all that….

Qantas Online Mall

If you haven’t heard about it before, Qantas have an ‘Online Mall‘ for their frequent flyer members. The online mall is where you can earn bonus points when you shop via specific stores Qantas have partnered. Stores as Apple, Country Road, Freedom, Mecca etc. The idea is you log into the online mall using your Qantas frequent flyer account, click on the store you want to visit, do your shopping, and earn bonus frequent flyer points when you pay for your purchases. Depending on the store, you can earn anywhere from 2 – 6 points per dollar spent.

I use the online mall a lot. I think I’ll write about how I use the online mall in a separate post as that too has some neat little tricks I want to share with you!

In April, Qantas online mall added Woolworths to their selection of stores with an offer to earn 2 frequent flyer points (not Woolworths points, but proper frequent flyer points) per dollar spent. What this means is when you log into the Qantas online mall and do your grocery shopping via Woolworths website, you can earn 2 frequent flyer points per dollar on top of your Woolworths reward points.

For example, a $100 grocery shop using the online method can net you 243 frequent flyer points, rather than 43 points if you just shopped in-store (1 Woolworths point is 0.435 Qantas frequent flyer points). An extra 200 frequent flyer points each time, just for using the online option, is quite a difference when you tally that up over a month or even a year.

Using the online method doesn’t mean you have to get the groceries delivered to your house. You don’t need to worry about making sure someone is at home to accept the delivery or pay for any delivery fees. If you would prefer to pick up your groceries at the store, Woolworths have a free ‘pick-up’ option when you spend a minimum of $30 in the one shop, which is not hard to do!

I quite like doing my grocery shopping online. It’s comfortable, and minus the wayward trolley and screaming kids in the confectionery aisle! Plus if you are on a diet, it’s pretty easy to resist putting that packet of cheap Tim Tam’s into the basket!

A note on the Woolwoths Rewards special point offers.
Most of the Woolworths special offers can also be used online – but I recommend to check the T&C’s in the offer email as some offers will be for in-store only.

The benefit of using the pick-up option is you can leave the bonus point items until you get to the store and purchase them at the same time you are picking up your groceries. That way you don’t miss out.

The Woolworths rewards system will hopefully pick up that you are using their online store too. I got a special offer last week that if I spend a certain amount on online shop for the next few weeks, and elect to pick-up (ha, I’m doing that already!) I get some extra Woolworths points! And when you combine that with logging on via the Qantas mall, that’s a nice little haul per shop!

Fingers crossed you get those offers too 🙂

Not A Qantas Frequent Flyer Member?

If you have read to the bottom and you’re interested in trying it out, but aren’t a frequent flyer member yet, use this link to join Qantas Frequent Flyer for free. It will save you a $90 joining fee!