Tarot Daily Draw: Eight Of Cups

Today the Eight of Cups came up in my daily draw.

Eight of Cups Meaning

The Eight of Cups is about abandonment.

This card could mean I’m successfully moving on from the past and walking away from a disappointing situation, or that I’m trying to escape from dealing with a stressful or draining situation. 

Key Words

  • Voluntary abandonment or withdrawal
  • A loss of interest
  • Moving on and seeking something better
  • Travel

Patterns and Correspondences of the King of Swords Card

  • The Cups suit = rules the emotions
  • Suit of cards = hearts
  • Timeline = weeks to months
  • Number 8 = mastery and prosperity
  • Zodiac sign = Pisces
  • Element = Water

Thoughts for the day

There is one change in my working life coming up that could be contributing to the Eight of Cups showing up in my daily draw.

My time of being an Interim Team Lead is coming to an end. I’ve really enjoyed this role, but sadly I need to hand back the reigns back to my Lead in a week’s time.

There may have been an opportunity of a new team forming that I may have been asked to lead, however that is now unlikely, along with the chance of becoming a lead in the future. So it means parting ways with the idea of being a lead and look for a new path to pursue.